Financial accounting


Financial accounting constitutes the basis for all entrepreneurial decisions. The current internationalization of society, results in an almost ongoing adaptation of local accounting standards (RJ). This adaptation results from the fact that governments are supporting comparability of financial statements by converging local standards more and more to international accounting standards (IFRS). Of course, these adaptions require entrepreneurs to stay up-to-date about accounting standards, which is a rather complex task. Cabinet Adviseurs is there to keep track of all changes for you (RJ only). The financial accounting services we provide, include:

  • Financial bookkeeping and preparing (monthly/quarterly/yearly) financial statements
  • Publicizing of financial statements at the Chamber of Commerce 
  • Preparing forecasts
  • Providing access to a 24/7 accessible and up-to-date online platform showing the latest financial results of your organization
  • Digital storage of your financial data
  • Assistance and advice for all questions arising from the finance and accounting area

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