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Within a complex tax legislation environment, we provide comprehensive tax consulting services with regard to all kinds of tax issues. Hereby we focus on both companies and private persons confronted with national as well as international tax issues. By developing a strong relationship with you and/or your company, we develop a deep understanding of your situation/company and the possible questions and problems that could arise to it. As a result, we are able to develop personalized strategic tax constructions which optimize your tax position.

When solving taxation issues, a holistic view on your situation/company is taken. This implies that we collaborate with our interdisciplinary team of tax, legal and financial experts in order to provide you with a high-quality as well as manageable advice. All in all, we aim to develop the most beneficial solution for all of our clients.

The tax services we provide include: 

  • The preparation of tax returns
  • Continuous tax/strategic tax consulting
  • Communication with fiscal authorities (de Belastingdienst) 

The preparation of tax returns/Tax declaration consulting

We support our clients in the preparation of their tax returns. If requested, we furthermore assist in maintaining a payroll/financial administration that fulfills all requirements under tax and corporate law. Hence, we ensure that all declaration, documentation and archiving requirements are met. Hereby, we take the personal situation of each client into account. 

In a tax legislation environment that is continuously changing, it is important to stay up-to-date. We monitor changes and evaluate whether or not these changes might have implications for our clients. Similarly, we monitor court rulings in order to identify potential advantageous regulations that could benefit our clients.

Continuous tax/strategic tax consulting

Experience has taught us that each client is different. Therefore, it is necessary to tailor an answer to a client’s specific question. Each question requires customization. That’s why it is impossible to follow fixed patterns when providing continuous tax/strategic tax consulting services.

All kinds of business decisions may have tax implications. Sometimes, business decisions are of such scope and importance that they require expert advice. That is when Cabinet Adviseurs comes in. Tax legislation requires active planning and design. At Cabinet Adviseurs we collaborate in an interdisciplinary team to set up corporate structures that optimize your tax position. We offer you an objective advice regarding the most effective and efficient structure of your organization. Furthermore, once the organization has been set up, we offer you a continuous evaluation of your financial and fiscal position.

Communication with fiscal authorities (de Belastingdienst) 

Part of our administrative services and continuous monitoring of your situation/organization, is the interaction with fiscal authorities. We take care of all communication with the fiscal authorities at hand. In that way, you are free to focus on your own business which already demands enough of your energy and attention.


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